Many questions arise in the economic arena, how can the global economic situation be evaluated in light of such situations? Are we in a food crisis? International crises and wars cannot go unnoticed without influence and influence, tension and attraction from here and there, and the emergence of new policies and modern alliances and the collapse of existing alliances, which makes the countries of the world in the wind, especially since we are talking about two countries that are the global breadbaskets (Ukraine and Russia), the world is waiting Painful economic damage due to the increase of the food crisis all over the world, which negatively affected prices and made them jump higher. According to the World Bank report, there is a disaster threatening certain countries as a result of the food crisis, as nearly 6 million Somalis face what is worse than food insecurity.

The data give strong indications that the world is approaching severe food crises, as global investments are moving towards technology, electronic commerce, the Internet and the virtual world. How can technology serve humans in basic commodities, apart from many questions, including how the world can be self-sufficient in basic commodities? How can basic commodities be provided? How can the agricultural area be increased?

No longer The world needs violence, and the universe needs attention. Nutrition is declining at rates that cause fear and anxiety. The unprecedented rise in food prices may lead many groups to poverty, malnutrition and diseases. There is inflation that clearly affects developing countries as a result of the poor management of international funds and banks by developed countries. With the beginning of 2021 AD, Western banks pumped trillions of different unsupported currencies, which helped Increasing inflation rates in the world, including the European Union and Washington, unprecedented sanctions against Russia, which is one of the most prominent producers of energy resources and food exporters in the world. Indicators of the continuing rise in energy and food prices in the world are inevitable, as an inevitable result of the continuation of series of violence in the world, the increase in the population, the lack of resources and the rise in foreign exchange rates with the increase in the number of consumers in the world and the decrease in the number of producers and the emergence of new forces on the economic arena and the collapse of other entities and the rise and fall of currencies Various with market fluctuations and a miscalculation of the economic positions of some entities.

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With the increase in global competition between different currencies, especially the currencies of adults, including the dollar, the euro, the pound sterling, the yen, the yuan and the ruble, and everyone is looking for a strong economic seat in global markets with different sources of currency strength, there are agricultural, industrial and commercial countries, and we are now looking for ourselves and basic commodities. The world has been lost and technology has taken possession of it with its various clutches and its mighty forces, and it has taken away from us ages, periods, times and difficult times, which made us lose our balance and made us gasp for it, which made us easy prey in front of others.

Gentlemen, we are in dire need of unity to solve global problems. We are not on isolated islands. Rather, we are in a spongy piece whose north approaches its south and east follows its west. We unite to stop the bleeding of the collapse of nature in an attempt to eradicate desertification, soil erosion, and the lack of agricultural space. Otherwise, the consequences will be dire in light of the inflation that swallows up. Everyone is between slander and the rise of major commodities with the collapse of the food basket entities in the world. There are questions that must be resolved, the first of which is how to deal with the provision of goods and food in the world How can we increase the agricultural areas of wheat in the countries of the world without sitting down and making decisions to study the feasibility of fertile agricultural lands that will grow wheat, while determining the prices of oil and gold in the world and controlling the different markets. The time has come to pursue the rest of the successive collapses that the world incurred while fighting nature and mismanaging the cultivated areas with the rise in oil and gold prices.

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