The study aimed at determines the impact of COVID 19 on the Arab countries using the Bayesian Vector Auto-regressions model PVAR, and determines the economic policies and mechanisms that can be taken to limit the repercussions of Corona on the Arab countries. The findings revealed the breakups of the Arab economies; COVID 19 was a supply shock in its first-time impact, but quickly trans-passes to demand shock. the pandemic effect decreases employment, exports and government expenditure, but investment and imports decline up then show a slight increase, and results a massive rise in consumer price index then a slight decrease. The study also relies on the SWOT Analysis method to analyze the repercussions of Coronavirus on economies of the Arab countries through analyzing the internal environment, by monitoring strengths and weaknesses, and analyzing the external environment by monitoring opportunities and threats. There is a necessity for a help of bilateral creditors and the international financial institutions for the Arab countries. The international community needs to intensify financial aid to many emerging market and developing economies.

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