What is the distance between Earth and the other planets of the solar system?

For millennia, man has had a fascination with the sun, the planets and the galaxies. A fascination symbolized by various disciplines, in particular astronomy, or planetology. After centuries of study and research, these scientists have come to the conclusion that the solar system is made up of 8 planets, including the Earth. Living on Earth, you have the right to wonder how far these planets are from yours. The answer to this question in this file.

Distance between Earth and the planets of the inner solar system

Four telluric planets including Earth make up the inner solar system: Mercury, Venus and Mars. These planets are made up of rocks and metals.

Distance Earth — Mercury

91.69 million kilometers: this is the distance that separates the planet Mercury from the Earth. This planet can be seen from Earth under certain conditions. Indeed, Mercury remains the closest planet to the sun. This implies that its observation can only be done after or before sunset.

Distance Earth — Mars

78.34 million kilometers separate our planet from Mars. This planet has ten times less mass than the Earth. Mars is the farthest planet in the inner solar system from the sun. As a result, it can be observed with the naked eye, but with medium brilliance.

Distance Earth — Venus

Among the 3 planets of the inner solar system (Earth not included), the planet Venus stands out as the one that comes closest to Earth. The average distance of this planet from the Earth is expressed as 41.40 million kilometers. Besides this proximity, the planet venus has a mass and a diameter similar to those of the Earth. This is why some scientists call it the “sister planet of Earth”.

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Distance between Earth and the planets of the outer solar system

Farther from the sun, four other planets of the solar system also orbit. Besides the solar distance, these planets are also distinguished from the four of the inner solar system by their bulkier mass.

Distance Earth — Jupiter

Of the four planets in the inner solar system, Jupiter remains the closest to Earth. This planet is located 628.73 million km from Earth.

Distance Earth – Saturn

Saturn is the second planet in order of increasing distance from Earth. It is located 1,275 million kilometers from Earth. Like Jupiter, the planet Saturn is mostly made up of hydrogen and helium.

Distance Earth — Uranus

The average distance separating the Earth from Uranus is equivalent to 2,723.95 million kilometers. Its atmosphere also contains hydrogen and helium, but also a high proportion of ice.

Distance Earth — Neptune

In order of increasing distance, Neptune is the eighth planet in the solar system. It also occupies the last place in the ranking of planets in order of distance from Earth. To travel from Earth to the planet Neptune, the space probe “Voyager 2” traveled the equivalent of 4,351.40 million kilometers.

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