• The article title : Transition to Human Resource Management in Egyptian Public Organizations: Opportunities and Challenges
  • mohamed El sayed Baghdadi
  • Researcher( public administration)
  • Egypt
  • Mail: mh_boghdady@yahoo.com

       It is worth mentioning that the human element is the main engine of any organization, it is the real wealth of organizations in different forms, and achieving the competitive advantage of public organizations depends heavily on their human resources; therefore, the process of building these resources is one of the most important areas of the work of organizations, Global, And the role played by public organizations in achieving the development process has become necessary to respond to modern concepts in the management of this resource as it seeks to achieve efficiency in attracting the appropriate employment and put it in the right place, and then invest in and develop as invest in assets, and seek to take advantage of developments and changes In this area.

     This article seeks to clarify the concept of human resources management, where the concept emerged as a development of the concept of personnel management, where the name of management of personnel is no longer appropriate to express the tasks and roles that must be implemented by this department. According to the traditional role of human resources management, it is part of the executive management, which is concerned with managing the operational and daily operations of the employees such as recruitment, preparing some training programs, keeping employees’ files, While strategic human resources management seeks to participate in the design of the overall strategy of the Organization and to integrate it with the human resources strategy. It also seeks to integrate and coordinate with other operational functions such as marketing, production and finance. Human resources management also considers the staff within the Organization as resources Not cost.

     Despite the great importance of human resources and their role in the success of the organizations, there is a lack of management in this element, where there is a set of practices in Egyptian public organizations mostly traditional in a way that is incompatible with the global changes.

        It should also be noted that efforts have been exerted by the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform and the Central Organization for Management and Administration to establish and activate human resources departments in government agencies as the responsible bodies for institutional and human development in the governmental sector to support and modernize human resources in the administrative apparatus of the State, Where the plan included the work of the Ministry 2010-2012 institutional development program to ensure the establishment and activation of human resources departments.

    The article sought to examine the reality of human resources departments in Egyptian public organizations and the extent of proximity and distance from the modern concept of human resources management and try to identify the elements of strength and weakness and highlighted the opportunities and challenges that may affect the role, and then the question is: What requirements for the modernization of departments Human resources affairs in the Egyptian public organizations, and the availability of these requirements in the departments of personnel and management and administration in the Central Organization for Management and Administration ?.

The aim of the article is to identify the requirements of human resources management, develop a proposal of steps and requirements for transformation into human resources management in public organizations, and propose a contribution to the development and modernization of the Directorate General of Personnel Affairs and the Department of Organization and Administration In the end, we found that the management of personnel affairs did not receive the attention and care of officials within public organizations. The view was that it was merely a routine function that dealt with a few matters of interest that had no effect on the efficiency of the organization. Is responsible for managing FAO’s most important resource, and therefore some have changed their name to the Department of Human Resources

In this context, the article reached a number of things:

  • Absence of the strategic dimension in the management of human resources in a large number of Egyptian public organizations.
  • The predominance of routine and lack of objectivity in human resources management activities.
  • Lack of integration between human resources management activities and weak role in achieving the objectives of the Organization.